Can’t stop the itch from allergies?

Cytopoint is a new injectable medication to treat itching from atopic dermatitis (inhalant allergy).

If your dog suffers from inhalant allergies, CytoPoint can be a great alternative to oral medications and steroids. CytoPoint is a monoclonal antibody that blocks Interleukin 31, which is involved in the itch response.

Does your dog suffer from noise phobias?

We carry a new product called Sileo, an oral (transmucosal) gel that works wonders for your dogs fear! Call for more information.


Simparica is a new chewable flea and tick preventive that is given once monthly. It has shown to be superior to other flea/tick products in preventing the tick borne disease Anaplasmosis. It also provides excellent protection against Lyme disease. Ask us about Simparica today!

Proheart 6

Owners no longer have to worry about remembering to dose monthly. ProHeart 6 provides a systemic, sustained release mode of action, assuring six months of heartworm protection in one simple dose.