To facilitate your patients’ referral for ultrasound appointments, please use the link below to send us your client’s/patient’s information:Upload client and patient information.

Prior to having your client call for an ultrasound appointment, please send the fillable form along with any pertinent medical records, laboratory test results, and prior diagnostic imaging files. The supporting files can be sent to our email at If your patient has an urgent need for ultrasound, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate. However, we may not be able to fit them in on the same day, in which case we will recommend that they go to one of the available 24-hour emergency care facilities nearest them.
Dr. Lautzenhiser has over 15 years of ultrasound experience with initial training through the Sound Academy in basic abdomen, advanced abdomen, and intermediate echocardiography. At present, we do not offer advanced echocardiographic imaging with Doppler/Color flow studies. For young patients with congenital heart disease (Pulmonic Stenosis, Aortic Stenosis, PDA, etc) who may have early/subtle structural changes, these modalities are important in the diagnosis and determining severity of shunting. These patients will be better suited for evaluation by a cardiology specialist.

All studies are backed up on the AIS platform and can be emailed to you or the client upon request.