When your pet is ill, we’re here to help. We strive to ensure that your pet can be seen the same day you call for most medical problems.

A thorough history of your pet’s signs of illness, including onset of symptoms, progression, and anything you’ve tried at home to help, is important for our staff to know. Our doctors will treat your pet with care and after physical evaluation of your pet, discuss a diagnostic and treatment plan. We’re able to do extensive diagnostic testing including in-clinic laboratory tests, x-rays and ultrasound, and endoscopy. Should your pet require inpatient care, depending on the severity of your pet’s illness, we may offer inpatient services in-clinic, or recommend referral to a 24-hour care center if your pet’s condition warrants it.

Our doctors and veterinary staff will take loving care of your pet while hospitalized, and keep you informed of his condition and expectations for recovery. When your pet is able to come home with you after inpatient or outpatient treatment, your veterinarian will provide detailed written instructions on medications and aftercare for your pet at home, and instructions as to when follow up is advised.

Together, we are a team to care for your pet, and part of that team is you – so please feel free to call us about anything related to your pet after she leaves the hospital so we can best serve you.