Pet Holiday Tips from Thumper

By December 19, 2018 No Comments

Hello from the frozen tundra we call Antigo, Wisconsin!

The cold weather and snow are perfect reasons to stay in bed and snuggle. For cats like me, that’s no problem. I use a l litter box, so no need to go outside, right? Not so for my K9 friends. They must use the great outdoors for potty breaks, no matter how nasty it is outside during the winter here. So…if you live with dogs, don’t forget to remind your hoomans to get pet-safe ice removal products. Regular salt removal products can be very irritating to paws and tummies if ingested from paw-licking.

On another topic, let’s chat about tinsel. My friends—-just walk away! I have been tempted to eat this shiny stuff in the past, and much to my embarrassment well, let’s just say I had some tail-end bling for a few days after that adventure.

Happy Holidays, Thumper Out!