Lets Talk About Ticks

By July 27, 2017 No Comments

Lots of people have questions about ticks and tick borne diseases that might affect us furry people. I had a tick once….I ate it, it tasted yucky. Anyways….ticks are very common up here in Northern Wisconsin, and the vet techs here are always finding them on pets as early as March and as late as November/December. The nasty thing about ticks is that not only do they suck blood, but they spread diseases like Lyme.

Lyme disease is actually caused by a bacteria (Borrelia burdorferi). When the Lyme bacteria gets in your body, it goes everywhere but especially seems to like the joints and kidneys. Some pets only show mild symptoms like reduced activity, but some of my friends have gotten really sick from Lyme and nearly died!

If you want to do the best possible by your pet and prevent Lyme, you need to do three things:

(1) Use a good flea/tick preventive from March through November, or ideally year round.
(2) Vaccinate your pet for Lyme disease (dogs).
(3) Check your pet for ticks after going outdoors.