Did you know, the whole staff at Antigo Veterinary Clinic is getting training on Fear Free concepts for veterinary practices?

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This is an approach that takes into consideration the emotional well being of the patient and client. Many pets (and owner) have anxiety about going to the vet. Fear, anxiety and stress that the pet experiences can cause a negative association of the pet with going to the vet, and make it difficult for both the pet and pet owner.

Fear Free methods incorporate a considerate approach to the animal – reading body language cues that may signal fear, anxiety or stress (FAS), gentle control to allow examination and procedures to be done, without escalating FAS, and education of pet owners about how to reduce FAS before, during and after the vet visit. The staff will complete their training in September. We are already putting to use some of our training….if you have questions about reducing stress for vet visits for your pet, please give us a call!