Happy Tales or is it Tails?

By October 17, 2018 No Comments

There are so many updates at AVC and I figured you would want in on the scoop. First off, you may notice that there is a rambunctious little gray kitten running around the clinic. That is my brother from another mother, Clay Cletus Gandalf the Gray! He keeps me on my toes and I hope you get the chance to meet him! I sure do miss my older brother Clint; may he rest in peace.

I wanted to start by sharing a story from a current resident we have at the clinic. Frankie is a cat who came into the clinic about a month ago with a broken back. All the girls at the clinic were saying he was just like me. I am not too fond of this idea, as there can only be one Thumper to rule the clinic! Frankie was a stray, who was found beneath a porch. He had a few wounds, which made our doctors believe he was hit by a car. Want to hear something funny? “Hit by Car” was his name for a little while, until the ladies came up with “Frankie”, on account of his blue eyes….I suppose they thought he reminded them of Frank Sinatra!

At first Frankie was unable to walk, and our doctors were not sure if he ever would. Like me, he needed some help with pottying too. The doctors started treating him with therapeutic laser and steroid therapy just as I had years ago when I first came to live at the clinic. Guess what?!? Frankie is getting better every day. He can now stand up for short periods of time, and even take a few steps! Which is kind of annoying, because now he gets all the attention since he follows everyone around and meows a lot. On the bright side though, Frankie found a new family to adopt him, and now it’s just me and Clay Cletus again. Whew!

PSA: Special kitties need love too! Stay tuned for my blog next week!

COVID-19 Update & Response

Effective 4-13-2020, we have extended our office hours to :

Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Our lobby is now open, however wearing a face mask is required. We are also now scheduling elective surgeries. If you wish to have a curbside appointment, please remain in your vehicle and call our office at 715-623-4116 to check in. A member of our staff will come out to your vehicle, and bring your pet inside for examination and treatment.

Thank you for your understanding as we work together to get through these trying times. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office at 715-623-4116.