Doggy breath? Kitty breath? We’ve all had pets with bad breath. In reality what that often translates to is poor dental hygiene, dental tartar, and periodontal disease.

These problems, if left untreated, not only lead to bad breath but also to tooth loss, oral pain, and bacterial infection from the mouth spreading to vital organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Home dental care, and when indicated, professional dental cleaning are important to maintaining your pet’s oral health. At Antigo Veterinary Clinic, we have state-of-the-art dental cleaning equipment that allows us to accomplish the same level of oral care that you would receive in your dentist’s office. Trained technicians perform full-mouth dental x-rays and ultrasonic cleaning above and below the gumline, followed by polishing of the teeth, which helps slow the build-up of more tartar. After cleaning, a veterinarian will chart (check and take detailed notes on) the teeth and determine if additional oral care is necessary including extractions, or periodontal treatment.

The addition of digital dental radiology to our dental suite, has allowed us to perform dental radiographs with much improved detail and speed, shortening the duration of anesthesia for your pet and allowing us to more accurately identify dental problems.