The Angel Fund was established in Sept 2014 to help pets in need. Since its inception, the Angel Fund has delivered over $8000 in services to animals in need. Some were strays, some were owned, and some were from the Langlade County Humane Society. Our Angel Fund is constantly in need of donations so please help us out!

How the Angel Fund Works

  • The Fund exists to help pets in need of medical and surgical care, for illnessess and injury, in situations where pet owners are unable to obtain financing for the needed care
  • The Fund at this time does not encompass funding for routine veterinary preventive care, spays/neuters, or dentistry
  • The Fund is not currently a 501c3 program.
  • Monies donated to the Fund are directed to pay for the invoiced services performed by Antigo Veterinary Clinic for Angel Fund Patients
  • You can donate by clicking on the Donate link, or coming to the clinic in person
  • Funds can be earmarked for certain patients at discretion of the donor
  • Periodic brat-fry fundraising is held to raise money for the Angel Fund account
  • The fund exists otherwise solely through donations from the community

Some Pets Who Have Benefited From The Angel Fund